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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
As for bt activity dropping, of course it did. It does with almost every series. 110k downloads of the first episode? That's almost in naruto/bleach territory. episode 14 still has 51k downloads, a huge number by any normal measure. I think many people downloaded it, then didn't get what they were expecting. Some probably thought episode one was what the show would be like, and were turned off, not realizing it was a "movie" made by the characters. More were probably turned off by the non-linear ordering. Besides, popularity isn't a good indicator of quality. People, in general, like straight foward, linear stories.

Also, if you didn't like the series that much, why'd you give it a 9?
Mid season figures were about 30-40k for SuzuHaru, while I think episode 100s-ish of Naruto registered about 225k downloads (I noted during the older days).. I'm not sure what the hell your point is though, and what that portion of the post is for.. they're all rather obvious points. I never made my point as a knock on the series but rather to note that it really isn't anywhere near "mainstream" or massively popular like the other series.

What SuzuHaru has, is not swarms of fans like OP/Naruto/Bleach but rather a smaller but very hardcore group of fans.
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