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Probably the main reason for the drop offs since the first episode is simply because the second wave came in expecting a simple comedy. What they got however something different in which many of those did not know how to react to. Mindyou internet ratings aren't exactly creditable to start out with. In my mind, there are three things that no one can deny that Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu provided - it was fresh, the ideas within the story was thoughtful and it was produced incredibly well.

A good show could warrant another watching, but a great show would be one in which upon re-watching, you find out something new. It's not simply to understand (I'm sure that everyone that has finished the series understood what happened) but to understand better. SuzuHaru is subtle in the way that on the first viewing, you will recieve enough superficial in formation to understand what is going on. But on the second viewing, the motives and personalities of the characters become much more apparent along with many other underlying themes.

No, anime is not a puzzle but maybe all shows should have some puzzle elements in it. It'd certaintly make for a much more enjoyable watch than "hot blooded hero goes berserk and destroys enemy the end". As for SuzuHaru being a fad, maybe, but it is definately deep enough to challenge the throne from EVA/Rahxephon (and at the rate most of the other shows are going, we'd still remember Haruhi 5-years later). The show has its flaws, but it couldn't make less of a dent on my enjoyment. It's an incredible gateway drug into the universe that the novels built and in a way has enriched my life as I am currently attempting to tackle the first four novels in Chinese after years of not reading anything Chinese.

There isn't a doubt in my mind, the winner of this season is Suzumiya Haruhi and I only wish to be able to give this series more than a 10/10.
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