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Originally Posted by willx View Post
Hm.. My question was more related to cost and accessibility of business attire and general practices, definitely not a comparison to what is or isn't acceptable or good/bad..

But now that we've gone there...

I work in a very conservative work environment by North American standards, but even then I can wear pink shirts on Fridays and my lawyer friend wears socks with cartoons on them. Cufflinks are considered classy here. Pocket squares more so. Plastic buttons are mostly worn by more junior people and middle office staff. Or on hot days when you fold up your sleeves and when you're definitely not seeing clients.

As for "sticking out" .. it's incredibly important here. You don't stick out (at least in positive ways) and you don't get promoted and you don't make the six figure salary. It's the only way you get ahead. I speak my mind to my boss and if something is dumb or pointless? I say so. If I notice something I feel is important? I say so. I have been told outright personality is important. Have a view. Be able to back the view up, but have a view and don't vacillate. It's the only way to climb the socio-economic ladder..

I'm used to working crazy hours and don't mind that .. but I don't deal well with not speaking my mind -- I'd probably get fired working in most companies in Japan eh, Sumeragi?
Conversely, although I work in a small office, the dress code here is very relaxed. Right now I'm wearing a screen T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. They pretty much draw the line at shorts, and even though I'm in Southern California, I wouldn't really want to wear shorts to an office environment anyways.

The girls here often wear capris and sandals!

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