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Originally Posted by Shinova View Post
Maple Colors 2 trial is out~ off to try it out~ will give it its spin and what I'm done I'll give it a shout-out~!

EDIT: Started playing Maple Colors 2.

I'll say this for now, as an initial impression.

This game. Is............. Different. In a good way. Very good way. The male lead is already hilariously likeable, and the lead female makes a hilarious mockery of him in their first encounter. This game does not feel or play like any other high school themed game I've played so far (perhaps with the exception of the first maple colors, which I haven't played).

And it's so, oh so very spontaneously random. And I have to emphasize how different it is from every other high school themed game.
The picture is scary...

According to this, the date was moved back a week... Though Apricot's site doesn't say that, I think. Hmm...?

Ahh~! Play the first Maple Colors. It's quite an enjoyable game. Quite. Unique too. And frustrating without a guide.
I don't see how you could hate it if you find 2 enjoyable already~ ( ^ω^)
And be sure to check out Maple Colors H too.
Mirai~~~~~~~~~ (;Д`)ハァハァ

I need to test out the trial soon too... Or wait a few more weeks for the finished version.
It won't continue to be delayed, I hope...

PS: The trial was out quite a while ago

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