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One Piece: Gigant Battle 2 - New World (DS)

Some update scans are out for Gigant Battle 2....

Spoiler for Scans:

Now.... to sum up everything we know about the game so far...

- All Post Time Skip Strawhats are playable, the same Strawhats that were playable in Gigant Battle are playable, Law (Pre-Time Skip), Shanks (Pre-Time Skip), Jinbei (Pre-Time Skip), and Hancock (Pre-Time Skip) are confirmed playable
- Pre-Time Skip Strawhats are seen as playable, no word yet as to if they are alt. costumes, or just playable characters themselves
- Pre-Timeskip Sunny, Post Timeskip Sunny, Rusukaina, Baldimore, and the classic stages (redesigned) confirmed as playable stages
- Map system in Story Mode is revamped
- Special Bars are different depending on what character you are (swords, fists, etc)
- Release date is November 17, 2011
- Wifi appears to have been added
- Special Edition confirmed, contains 25 cm Master Stars Piece Post-Time Skip Luffy figure, and a special One Piece Box

I should also point out that PlayAsia has both the regular edition and the limited edition up for pre-orders ($62 Regular, $103 Limited)~

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