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This is literally the first time I see someone care more about vague things like architecture rather than proper character establishment(which is, you know, the logical focus of any beginning of the story).

The first episode established the world they live in, the main character and his tragedy, the characters surrounding him and overall goal/theme/objective of main character through the show. That's literally what a beginning of the story does. The core element of any narrative is the characters - everything around them is just excuse to have the characters go through things and comes secondary in terms of establishment. Every narrative starts and ends with the characters. Sometimes the "character" can be the world, or the architecture, but in most of cases it is real people.

Its not a history book and not a documentary. Focusing on the characters that the story is about is only logical. They might or they might not explain the world around them(they already did quite a bit of explaining that felt natural in this episode) eventually but it literally makes no sense to infodump about the world in the first episode in a character focused work. Especially the one which already started with in medias res indicating it won't be entirely linear.

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