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Originally Posted by Maceart View Post
Pichus, I have to politely disagree. If the scene is moving, your "perfect" typesetting would be useless if no one is able to scan the screen at the rate of 20 words in a second. Bullshit, a simple text on top timed to when the signs appear will suffice 99.999% of the time.

/an8 is your best friend. Use it.
First of all, do you mean "\an8"? And I recalled that many people commended on and liked "our" TS style (signs, etc) for Bamboo Blade your group took part in... So you can't really say it's 'bullshit' or 'useless.' Also, I don't feel like discussing about it for people who never had experienced this at all.

Also there are specific guidelines for typesetting I followed... And I'll try to avoid squeezing 20 words in one second... (with proper extensions, that one second can be extended to five seconds on movements - use common sense)

PS: Why is my thread being moderated? ._. (most talk that weren't deleted were even worse than those being deleted)

To Daiz:

Also, you didn't answer my question the last time, so I'll ask it again: Have you thought about replacing the original Japanese text with the translated versions?

Yes... And I hate it. It's more challenging to not replace it, and I have done it so many times seamlessly, so you can't tell whether or not that the original text has been altered.

Like I said, your so-called good typesetting was already old, done by myself four years ago... I don't need to listen what I already knew and experienced before. ANd you failed to answer me... WHAT IS YOUR TYPESETTING EXPERIENCE for you to speak so much of yourself.

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