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Future Episode Titles and Summaries

Episode 2: What Must Come (October 14): Sydonay of the Bal Masque's Trinity engulfs the Shanghai post of Outlaw in flames. At that time, in the Seireiden, the castle of the Bal Masque, an amassing of troops is taking place, with the purpose of preparing for the return of power of the Crimson Denizens. This is the sign of an all-out war between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens just waiting to happen.

Episode 3: For the Sake of the Journey (October 21): Yuji Sakai is and is no longer Yuji Sakai. He arrives at the place where he was born and raised: Misaki City. His short trip across town confirms that he still has the memories of Yuji Sakai. Meanwhile, Shana, Margery, and Wilhelmina approach the Crimson God.

Episode 4: A Reunion, A Chance Meeting (October 28): The Crimson Lord Yuji Sakai stands at one of the steel spires of the Misaki City Bridge. A bewildered Shana, Margery and Wilhelmina listens to his response to this unexpected reality. And, Yuji reveals his new form, bathed in black flames.

Episode 5: Imprisoned Flame Haze (November 4): The God of Punishment, "Flame of Heaven" Alastor and his equal, the God of Creation, the "Snake of the Festival". The being who in ancient times was entombed inside the Eternal Pitfall, the "Snake of the Festival", is now resurrected and is now merged with Yuji. In the nature of Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, Shana and Yuji clash.
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