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Episode 07: Shrine Gates (November 18)
• The Crimson Lord Hecate unleashes her feelings to Shana in the form of light blue bullets of flame. When the room begins to fill with her flames, "Snake of the Festival" Yuji Sakai steps in to intervene. From the mouth of the God in the form of Yuji comes the meaningful declaration that Shana must be kept alive.

Episode 08: The Beginning of a War (November 25)
• In order to retrieve the Snake of the Festival's original body, the Trinity head towards the Shrine Gates, while the Denizens left behind start their mobilization. The all-out war between the Crimson Denizens and the Flame Haze begins. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina starts a search for "a certain Treasure Tool" so that the mission to rescue Shana could go underway.

Episode 09: To the Seireiden (December 2)
• The Tendoukyuu and the Seireiden approach a certain distance where links between the two masses of land can be connected. Wilhelmina, using the passageway to Seireiden, launches a surprise attack on Bal Masque's base. At that moment, Bel-Peol, whose Treasure Tool Tartaros is sealing Shana's powers, appears, as if waiting for an opportunity.

Episode 10: When Paths Cross (December 9)
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