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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
Based on how he phrased everything I'm guessing he meant that it "felt" like Dai Sato's writing in the first ep since it felt like the original Eureka Seven's writing.

I wonder if we'll ever find out.
It's technically speculation, but it's either Satou or the best mimic they could find. When all of Satou's little quirks are all over the series from the first episode, it's a pretty safe assumption that it's him.

The big key is that all of his character names are very specific. We've already got "Han Juno" and "Fleur Blanc" for listed characters. (So Han Solo & White Flower) Gazelle is the leader of a transport group. The references for the others will take a little time to figure out, but they're all going to have them.

Which leads to the point that the pen name being used for the Series Composition will have some wacky meaning. Figuring out that wordplay will tell us who it is. This is especially important because the biggest criticism going into the movie was Satou not being involved (and it definitely showed). Then, for this sequel, they never commented on the writing staff until the last minute. The most direct conclusion is that they're trolling us with a joke.

The final tell will be when we get a rumination on the meaning of some philosophical concept. Likely "Death" next episode.

So, yes, it's just speculation that Satou is doing series composition. I actually figured, since they weren't releasing any writing staff information before hand that he wasn't going to be involved. (Which was sending up the "this isn't going to be good!" flag) After listening to Ao & Naru's dialogue, I'm pretty sold that its him. Especially since Ao is roughly ep 45 Renton from the outside. Or it's one of the best mimic jobs we've seen in a while.

Now, bring on the episode that's actually an overt commentary on a 19th century French philosopher!
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