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Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
You've failed to comprehend her character as well, I'm afraid to tell you.
Oh, I'm well aware of the standard line concerning her growth, and what she symbolized. I just think it's baloney. I think any in-depth analysis of that, laced with the appropriate cynicism and references to tvtropes should best belong in the original Eureka Seven thread though.

But, seriously. I promise not to bring up the first series again; at least not directly, other than to say I enjoyed the heck out of it-in spite of the two headliners, not because of them. Orion has already pointed out some spots of cynicism towards our leads this time around, and while I mostly agree, I find it a little more forgiving-so far. It's possible my feelings change as time goes on, because of tolerance levels, etc.

If AO has a mostly stellar supporting cast again, then I'm all in-it's what made the first series so great. Hell, it could do all sorts of wrong, and just the suspense of trying to piece together how Renton and Eureka got it on, had a child, and then pulled a disappearing act on him after what had been done to Renton is actually more than enough to keep me glued to the screen waiting for each new episode, regardless of what the actual plot of this series is.

An omake of Renton and Eureka's err...'first night' would be hilarious as well, me thinks.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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