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1. Good win by Inori. Of course, being recent helps against Erio...
2. Charlotte win is, well, not that convincing. Thought Elsie would lose by more than that.
3. But then, Victorique only won by 1000...
4. Don't know whether I should be pissed off, calling out on stupid ISML voters, or what...seriously, Yurippe is not THAT moe and Kobato is clearly the better girl.
5. Last but not least, Homuhomu, another day, another loss. Ayase is nothing special...
6. Onto the Stella side, starts out with a good win but Shinobu
7. Then C.C. and Kotomi are basically 50-50. Consider that Kotomi is 1-9, though...
8. Holo only won by 300. It will be a long year for Rajura.

As for next round, nothing stands out to me. The first exhibition = Tomatsu Haruka v. Taketatsu Ayana, except that it's not exactly a fair matchup since Haruka's two girls are definitely more famous. Then there's the Brother-Sister matchup, but why pick Araragi instead of going Kodaka-Kobato?
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