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Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
10 is too.

I really liked this one.
Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
In addition, it looks like all of the titles have been translated... "Would You Like Something from the Human Face Series?", I'm guessing that's the Cyborg Skin frying pan story

"A Girl Arrived as Collateral on an Unpaid Loan" erm hem....

"Let's Think Up a Romantic Language of Flowers Meaning" Kamachi? Romantic?! DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!! It's a troll ! It's definitely a troll!
Yeah, if you look at File 10, I'd like to think of it as romantic, but Kamachi loves to write romance stories like a troll, screwing with flags every single time (the plot in 10 shows how much Kamachi loves trolling with these in every other series of his), and the end of it somehow makes me shudder...
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