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1) Computer Virus - Haha! What a way to kick start the book! Definitely putting his best foot forward. It's a good concept for a one shot, but at the same time there is potential to expand it into a full story by include other kinds of computer program... I would love to see what Steam or UTorrent would be... I'm guessing the latter would wear an eyepatch and a pirate hat

2) Consult with Us - The first of many oneshots that puts a twist into a common trope and destroy the illusion of such fantasies... Good concept for a one shot, but if made into a full story it could easily get washed up in the ocean of Romcoms.

6) 385D - Urgh, I'm going to place this in the same as "Any Means Necessary", there's no enough information to know what to think of this story. It would be interesting to see Kamachi try his hand in writing a mystery thriller, but it's hard to judge if he's capable of it from this oneshot.

8) Time Lodes - Don't really like this one either; I'm just not feeling the concept... Though I wouldn't be surprise if this was the by-product of writing for the first Index game... Either way, he should probably not attempt to build on time travelling concepts...

9) Matters of Hell - Now THIS is a brilliant idea Out sourcing Hell to private contractors This is something that can be build upon for lolz... And they've only covered Buddhism; I would love to see the Inferno dealing with private contractors to maintain their various circles

10) Destiny Arrow - Another satire attempt at a common fantasy It was a fun read, but the concept isn't unique enough to stand on it's own as a real story.

11) Unrepaid Loan - Same as above, this time destroying the illusion that the girl is not going to be a 'desirable' companion But more importantly... You could tell he had originally planned this fate for Kamijou-san !

P.S - Is it me? Or is Kamachi getting more 'daring' in his writing ? There's a noticeable spike in sexual undertone here...

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