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The best romance anime:

1. Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru- this fluffy romantic comedy is so cute, that it warms your heart. I liked the theme of a crossdresser in a all-girls Catholic School. Unlike those idiotic male protagonists of other harem anime, Mizuho is not annoying at all, nor does he look like an idiot. I find that Mizuho is cool, has a kind personality and possesses convincing charisma

2. Fate/Stay Night (it's other genre is fantasy) but is based on a fantasy dating sim. At first I find Shiro's character annoying, but I've come to like his relationship with Saber.

3. I My Me Strawberry Eggs- I find that a girl's awkward lesbian feelings for her teacher makes for good romantic tension as well as an interesting storyline. Hibiki's lust for a 14-year-old student also adds to the romantic tension

4. Canvas 2- I like this anime in spite of that usual idiotic male protagonist, because of Elise Housen's characterization and her unique unrequited crush on him. It includes a complicated love triangle between a male teacher, a female teacher and one female student.

5. Chobits- an entertaining sweet romance anime that explores the complexities of a relationship between a human and an android.

6. Ai Yori Aoshi- I like it for being both romantic and funny.

7. Tsukihime- it was a good show until the last episode. I can't forgive those bastards
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