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Vexx, law makers seem to get caught up on the impression or perception of child pornography. The perception being that you have a young looking person - say... Horo - it doesn't matter if the story says she is 800 years old her body gives the impression of a teen. We might know better but lobbyists or politicians don't and don't care, because they can spin it to their advantage. Which leads to uproar. Admittedly some of the stuff out there is just.. disgusting, which really doesn't help. Hell with enough spin, and some pitchfork wielding, some prosecutor could make a case against some of the sig's/avatars as being indecent borderline CP (or just pron). (I don't leave AS in a thread when I'm away from my PC, I leave it at the index or switch to a different tab because of some sigs/avatars being seen by people I stay or work with)

My issue is that some legitimate artwork, manga, anime whatever could be construed as child pornography or close enough to it. They should really focus on stuff that is blatantly young, like toddler/pre-teen because older then that it's almost impossible to really get a good gauge on 'age' of characters due to the level of the artwork. Hell some characters look almost ageless, or they lack enough detail (Lucky Star characters) to really tell.

I don't really like it when an entertainment format I enjoy could be twisted in such a way that when I watch or read something it could be seen as questionable regardless if the story or whatever is hilarious and awesome due to the artwork. But I'm not so naive to think that we really don't help our case at times with things like 'panty shots', 'fan service' and the like being popular. It just gives them more ammo. (Could never watch.. say.. Rosario + Vampire where someone who doesn't 'get it' could see due to the sheer amount of 'fan service' - which made me cringe and took away from that show's potential anyway)

I think there should be a way to differentiate between the drawn and real world. But still I think that the artist/possessors of drawn work should be able to be held accountable for something that is grossly inappropriate. All depends on the setting (ie K-ON girls at the beach = fien, toddler/pre-teen rape/sex = banned)

Kinda rambled there...

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So could someone give a bit more straight forward context for what this file uploader did? My brains kind of turned off right now.

Are they saying they caught him with a huge amount of pirated anime?
Looks that way, I bet some copy-write lawyer is dancing a happy jig somewhere regardless. Have to admit it was an impressive collection heh..

Also Sarah Palin as some sorta moe dojikko, kinda makes me gag. Since my brain kinda converted her to look like an anime character.... mmm brain bleach... where be my bottle of bourbon I have brain cells to kill
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