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Wavie: I like what you've done with the calm one, the border suits it, and the feathering/lighting is looking good. 1 thing though, if you're going to use feathering, get rid of the border, if you don't want to feather, use the border.

The other one was sort of ruined. You made the border a little too fat, and i liked the way you had your name before. Maybe make the border a little slimmer.

ARNEL98: Hrmm... the sig that i like the most was the first one. The one with the picture exposed seems a little pixelated on the girls face, and the colours look a little "sick". The more colourful one is a little too colourful. It had a nice "industrial" effect with very little colours and metalic things all over, like you usually have everything. My rating still stands for your old one.

I also really like the gif animation, very cool.
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