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I will mention the ones that got my attention the most. Since you didn't mention genre here it goes:

Aria series (1st season is named Aria The Animation). Warn you right now that series are very relaxing and are mostly one shot episodes. If you feel tired and want to have a break, this is perfect. However, if you are for action and explosions, this is a NO!

Baccano! - great action series with a unique style of story telling. At first things are confusing but gradually we get each piece of puzzle and all the questions are answered by the end. 1st episode is a meh but later it really picks up.

Berserk - since you liked Claymore, this should be of your liking as well. The theme is different but both series are based in knight period and seal with monsters. Though as far as anime went, it more focuses on friendship with some nice action and interesting story.
There is a remake of anime, movie style. Did not see it yet so duno how good it is but anime original defiantly is worth a watch.

Chihayafuru - the biggest surprise of season when it was released. Just like majority I picked it up out of boredom but ended up loving it and can't wait for season 2. Series focus on 3 friends, mostly on a girl named Chihaya. She never had any real interest but after meeting a boy she got inspired to play Karuta like him. Their ways separated but they made a promise to meet each other in big tournament. But are things that easy?
When I started to watch anime I knew nothing about karuta and in all honesty it does sound a bit boring. But anime was able to make this sport look exciting. Animation is great with nice soundtrack and entertaining characters the develop over time.

Did you watch Clannad season 2?

Death Note - I'm surprised that you didn't watch such a well known title. Main chara just like Lelouch is an anti-MC. Series have a lot of suspense, drama, emotions... it keeps you on the edge of your sit for the biggest part of the show.

Since you have watch F/SN, it is a must for you to watch Fate/Zero which are much better series and a prequel.
You also should check out the movie F/SN: Unlimited Blade Works which is an alternative take on the anime series.

Do watch FMA: Bortherhood.

Ga-Rei Zero is one of my top shows with interesting cast, great action and drama as well as a good surprised factor at the start.
A bit reminds of Teresa arc from Claymore but not exactly.

Ghost Hunt - great detective series about ghosts. Great cast of characters, a lot of new information and bunch of suspense. Also one of my top series.

Great Teacher Onizuka - classic! You need to watch this or even better read it since anime missed a lot of material but still is good. It is a comedy about a very unique teacher who helped a lot of his students in a weird way. For example normally you would not force your student to jump of bridge.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai - great comedy/romance series. Very unique kind of harem. Really recommend to give it a go. Manga is still ongoing.

Kuroko no Basket - great basketball series.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - don't let the art deceive you, it is not Nanoha. Series deal with some dark themes as well as psychological. Deserves to be watch, at least check first 3 episodes.

Major - sport series about baseball. Since you watched Cross Game I think it could be of your liking.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - probably my most favorite series. It's about people who were forced to become professional assassins. Anime deal with dark themes and is not scared to kill people which you normally would avoid. You'll know what I mean once you watch it. Episode 5 raised huge amount of different opinions. A lot of people screamed that it is unfair and cruel but are assassins nice and fluffy? No, and this episode showed it clearly. Probably my fave episode.
Anime also has a lot of memorable soundtracks. It also has 3 arcs, each one with slightly different feel.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin - another great series about group of people who became friends while in prison. Series follow their imprisonment tome and when they are out. A lot of drama, abuse but also full of heartwarming moments. Some of them are very inspirational.

Shiki - cool series about a village where suddenly everyone start to die. Epidemic is suspected but is it really it? As a viewer you will know the problem almost from the start so it is more of being an observer. Someone who is forced to see others die without able to help them and give a clue. Characters have to do it themselves and in the end you will ask a question: Who is a real monster here?

Sword of the Stranger - nice movie with fantastic sword action scenes.

That's mostly it. I'm actually surprised that you didn't watch some of the titles.
Hope you will find something to your liking.
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