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There's one image in particular that seems to indicate the above, yes, but even though that was always the most likely ending scenario I wonder if it will play out just like in the game. This seems too predictable.

They might well try to add another twist to the mix either right before or after those events. At least in my personal opinion, it would seem rather anti-climatic to spoil the entire ending on the blog and suddenly remove the feeling of tension and anticipation. When there's still another episode left I wouldn't rule out some surprises, even if that may just be a matter of details.

As for seeing the rest of the endings...I'm not sure there's much of a chance for BeeTrain to make OVAs or even a movie, unless the series happens to be financially viable for them. That seems to be in doubt at the moment, going by ratings and more importantly DVD sales, though I could always be completely wrong.

But to throw a crazy thought out there, they might make an additional DVD-only episode or something similar.

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