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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
I've had more problems with PSUs than anything else when it comes to computer building. I'm almost certain that when I build my next desktop, I'm going to look into diying my own PSU.
Which brands did you have trouble with? I think between my friend, relatives, and myself we have like five Sonata II and III cases which shipped with 450 and 500 watt Antec PSU... not a single failure among them, and all of these machines have had pretty beefy GPUs in them with fairly high power draw.

Small (sub-80mm) fans and optical drives seem to be the other failure prone components. Video card fans are a bitch because they're proprietary, but usually by the time you go something of equivalent performance is dirt cheap anyway. Basically anything mechanical probably has higher failure rates... hard drive seem better than some other things, but that's good since they're the one that's really a bitch if they go.

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