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I have a question about RAM. A computer with DDR2 RAM (pre-built from or is cheaper than a DDR3 computer. I'm tempted to get a PC with DDR 2. How does it work? Does it depend on the motherboard? If so, it seems like I could get a computer that has a motherboard that supports DDR 3 and DDR 2, but the computer I would buy would come with DDR 2. That would save me some money, and I could always upgrade.

Is there a significant difference between DDR 2 and DDR 3? Or could I just go with 4 GB of DDR 2 and then just double it down the road; it's not the type that matters just the amount? Thanks to any who answer these question, I know nothing about RAM, basically.
I had something typed up but it just pales in comparison to this article I found. Link
(Sept-09) So relatively recent stat layout.

Also If I can recommend learning to build your own desktop is a fast and easy thing, (PC Mags, Google Search How To's) and you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars with some quick learning. The DDR3 systems cost more as its the new technology currently coming out if your not a die hard gamer/coder/video editor DDR2 will suffice for pretty much everything.
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