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The official website has been upgraded to its final form. With a promo, to boot.
I have to say, the anime really does manage to keep a lot of the cuteness of ko~cha's character designs. I really like the overall look -- it seems to do justice to the game. Although I'm still worried about what they'll do to the storyline -- such that it is -- in 12 episodes, I'm still looking forward to this. Given that the two writers they have working on this worked on Seto no Hanayome & Da Capo respectively, I hope they're able to keep the game's blend of comedy and romance.

It's odd because eroge adaptations have become increasingly rare over the last few years, and the ones we get tend to just be (poorly-made) shells of the original works. But hey, keepin' the faith for now! Looking forward to Windmill's new game next month as well.
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