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Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Except Hocchan can't sing. She's on constant autotune or something, or it was way up at her performance of Animelo 2009. Her Yahho!! on Music Japan wasn't bad then again she composed the song iirc, but her Vanilla Salt.... lol....[/SIZE]
I rather listen to Hocchan on autotune then her out of tune. MusicJapan's Vanilla Salt was painful...But aren't all DVD/BD release of concerts autotuned?

But erm...yea back to topic.

I was thinking of watching this to laugh at how terrible the show is. Such as Rosario+Vampire, which I downloaded just for the opening and ending. This show was actually funny. Just something brainless to watch. But I probably wouldn't follow this, ain't my cup of tea.
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