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Originally Posted by musume_no_hoshi View Post
I rather listen to Hocchan on autotune then her out of tune. MusicJapan's Vanilla Salt was painful...But aren't all DVD/BD release of concerts autotuned?

But erm...yea back to topic.

I was thinking of watching this to laugh at how terrible the show is. Such as Rosario+Vampire, which I downloaded just for the opening and ending. This show was actually funny. Just something brainless to watch. But I probably wouldn't follow this, ain't my cup of tea.
I liked Vanilla Salt.

I actually think this has some smart humor in it. It's not a slap stick funny show from beginning to end.

Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post
You call her silly if she's looking for 100 sex friends; if she already HAD 100 sex friends just for the pure joy of the activity then I can understand why people would say that person's a slut (not saying I agree or disagree).
Yeah, silly is a good word.
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