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Originally Posted by LVD View Post
I actually watched Chu-bra to learn stuff, which I kind of did. Push-up bras work that way, srsly?Well, to be fair, Yukarin and Hocchan have both improved quite a bit from their Yamato Nadeshiko days. 8)
Spoiler for hurr:
I think the brainless-ness is why I enjoy the show. It's not Rosario to Vampire sup-we-spent-the-budget-on-Nana's-singing quality and it's not.... the typical ecchi stuff we see.

Popular girl wanting the shy guy is refre- I kind of want to see if KobaYu goes crazy in this show after all.
Spoiler for Yay for off topic on seiyuus:

It's a shame that the opening and ending wasn't very capturing. Yukarin last two singles were pretty good...You and Me is too catchy...
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