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Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Oh, we were talking about it live. I like Hocchan's voice. Just not her singing 98% of the time. ^^;My wish My love was very solid. You & Me was okay, but a lot better than Tomorrow.

Still hoping the third song on the single is something jazzy~ Or maybe something more idol-y like Love Sign, rofl.
Spoiler for I totally haven't missed our seiyuu talks at all:
Hey, EleGa? Nana called.

She wants her shit songs back.
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Spoiler for Looks away from the topic of the thread:

Has Elements Garden ever worked on OSTs? I semi-watched this show to hear what they would do for an OST. It kinda ended up being quite medicore...-yawns-

Did any character singles been announced yet? I still think Yukarin should sing a duet with Hocchan. I'm sure it'll sound fine as a CD...
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