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Originally Posted by sergho View Post
Hmmm. That was lost in the translation.

How about we call it estrogen poisoning?
Ah, (light dawns)
What's odd to me too is that they never talk about boys.
Actually, they have mentioned the idea of boyfriends... but as they go to an all-girls school, have club duties, massive amounts of homework, etc --- there's hardly any chance to even be somewhere one might meet a boy. College might open up opportunities.. but again, if they all end up at the all-girl's university that Mugi has mentioned, that's put any romance off again no doubt. Many Japanese simply resort to modern variations on matchmaking/eHarmony/etc to actually meet people if they are career oriented.

They're often pining/disillusioned because someone attractive and mature like Sawako can't even seem to find a boyfriend... but as we also know, Sawako has other issues that may steer many guys away
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