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Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
Well, that explains why Mariage used the "this round can destroy a tank" comparison! Completely logical and meaningful reference, then!
Originally Posted by itanshi1 View Post
Ah, so Subaru is a tank :3
AND Backtracking to the very first and second season, everyone is thrown here and there into concretes. The most dramatic, for me, when Nanoha cornered by Vita. Seriously, even without the barrier/field/shield, Barrier jacket are stronger than anyone can expect.
Even in the earlier operation in StrikerS, we can see that Erio's getting his ass handed by a giant drone, in a FREAKING train (I suppose it's an armored train, therefore has thick armor). Keep in mind that this is ERIO, a speedster with low protection.

It's no wonder heavy-class barrier jacket like that one worn by Subaru can soak antitank damage when light-class jacket owned by Erio can breaching through a thick metal plate while getting his ass kicked.
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