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i guess you must be fluent in japanese,lucky you.i was really intersested in this manga but had to drop it for lack of transl chap;did take a look at the raw-would have liked to know what mother and daughter were saying to each other at their reunion-but could no understand much
I don't know Japanese either (though just by memorizing katakana and hiragana table and know particles can help you a lot)! I read Chinese translations. About the little chat they have there isn't much except that princess is going over the friends she made in school and that
Spoiler for 35:
which obviously made Mercelída happy =P.

Speaking of Mercelida, she looks awesome in school uniform too . I find it sweet even with her harem of 3,000 people (I'm sure some are female in there given that she wants to have a little fun with the school principal in this chapter), she still wants Naoya.

I think the Eng scan's still going ... at least I think it is (guy from BN, which is just DBR really, that I know is still around), though college tends to stop a lot of people from keeping up with scans @___@.
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