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The OC's love interest would be with another OC.

Early on they use upgraded VF-19s but they late upgraded to the Wyvrens because the VF-19s were obsolete. If I remember correctly the YF-24/VF-25 defeated several VF-19s in it's test.

AVFX-02A Wyvren

Unit type: multi-role advance variable fighter
Manufacturer: Martinez Industries Arsenal Development
Empty mass: 10400 kg
Powerplant type: MI/P&W/RR FF-4000AX Stage I plasma thermonuclear
reaction turbine engine x 2
Powerplant output: 160,200 kg each
Vernier thruster type: P&W VMM-3A/MUZV x 22
Design features: Prototype inertia store converter/dampener,
internal short range fold drive x 1, PBB system

Standard Armament:
Hervesh GU-25A 76mm Hybird coilgun assault gun pod x 1
Misriah BM-302 beam gun x 2 (Head/Turret Mounted
Raketan PE-17A 20mm high-speed plasma gun x 2 ( internally mounted )
Salle AML-07A internal micro missile launcher x 4( 7 micro missiles in
each launchers, 28 total )
PBB knife x 2
Retractable PBB wrist blades x 2 ( can only be used in GERWALK or Battroid
modes )
Optional equipment:
Type A 'Aegir' FAST pack
Type B 'Sidewinder' FAST pack
Type C 'Juggernaut' FAST pack
Fold booster

Fighter mode:
Wingspan (fully extended): 16.00 meters
Wingspan (folded inwards): 8.00 meters
Overall length: 18.90 meters
Overall height (without landing gear): 4.03 meters
Standard atmospheric cruising speed at 10000 meters: Mach 4.9+ (up to Mach 7.8+)
Atmospheric ceiling: unlimited (capable of launching into satellite
orbit over Earth-class planet)
Maximum speed with alpha limiters off ( in atmoshpere ) Mach 25, not recommended

Battroid mode:
Overall height (with beam guns): 15.59 meters

Type A 'Aegir': Increases speed and manoevrability( both in space and
atmosphere), has 218 micro-missiles, 1 extra gunpod and 2 extra beam
cannons. good for an all-around setup to use. Likely the Aces would
use this. ( looks like a streamlined and less bulky version of the Armored pack )

Type B 'Sidewinder': Increases speed and manoevrability( both in space
and atmosphere), has 4+ of the small gatling pulse lasers for close-in
suppressive fire, 114 micro-missiles. The range on the
lasers would be very short, but due to the close range have VERY high
focal points - meaning that they'll burn through almost anything they
hit very rapidly. Also a larger anti-ballistic/energy shield as well.
A good dogfighter setup. ( looks like a more compact, streamlined and without the BFG turret Tornado pack )

Type C 'Juggernaut: Increases firepower and armor,2 heavy handheld
plasma cannons, 2 railguns ( like the ones on the Koenig Monster
except smaller ) on its shoulders, 2 particle gatling guns and several
missile pods along with the PPB shield. And it has a small fusion
reactor dedicated to the armaments. It decreases the VFs speed and
manoevrability though. Meant for long range artillery support. ( looks like an armored pack with the BFG turret of the Tornado pack on it. )
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