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That might be true about manga and light novel (no idea, didn't read them), but *not* for the anime - at least not in the first four episodes. At no point the father shows that he would admit his prejudice about anime was wrong.
Unless I read some trollsubs, the anime played out exactly the same as the manga and novel. He accepted Kirino's hobby after Kyousuke's deal-with-it-or-I'll-beat-you-up speech, then promptly got off his seat to go clean out Kirino's room. He specifically said that he will not accept Kirino playing eroges, pointing to the R-18 rating. That's when Kyosuke decided to make himself the scapegoat as the last resort.

You could make a different case whether or not the father was lying, but he plainly admitted he would allow Kirino's otaku hobby, just not the eroges, which incidentally made up the majority of Kirino's collection. You're right that he hasn't shown that he would accept it, but he plainly stated that he would.
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