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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
He accepted Kirino's hobby after Kyousuke's deal-with-it-or-I'll-beat-you-up speech, then promptly got off his seat to go clean out Kirino's room.
Don't turn things on their head. He went to Kirino's room to clean it out because he *didn't* accept Kirinos's hobby as a whole, and he would've trashed anything even remotely anime-related, R18 or not - if Kyousuke wouldn't have said that it was his hobby alone, not Kirino's hobby.

Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
He specifically said that he will not accept Kirino playing eroges, pointing to the R-18 rating. That's when Kyosuke decided to make himself the scapegoat as the last resort.
Kyousuke did his long speech trying to get through to his father and have him accept Kirino's hobby, even resorting to strong means like grabbing his father's collar and shouting.
He didn't get anywhere, however. The only thing he reached was that his father was getting annoyed by Kyousuke trying to convince him otherwise. His father's bad opinion about anime in general (and eroge especially) was already set in stone, and he didn't want to change it. He didn't concede the tiniest bit and never admitted that anime by itself wouldn't be all that bad or anything.
Because the discussion with Kyousuke was getting on his nerves and he didn't want to change his mind anyway, he brought up the R18 rating to stop any further discussion dead in its tracks.
Since his father was so unrelenting and unmoved by his speech, this left Kyousuke the only option of confessing that it was all his stuff, not Kirino's. This only worked for the sole reason that his father already didn't like Kyousuke and had a very low opinion of him. Kyousuke playing eroge (in his fathers opinion totally depraved) fitted exactly in his father's preconceived image of Kyousuke being a bad boy with nasty vices and whatnot, so he instantly believed it without giving it any further consideration. Him hitting Kyousuke was his father's way of saying, "I'm finished with you, once and for all!"
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