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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
because her father accepts her anime hobby, then she's now free to talk with her friends about it over the phone in the living room or even invite them over. Kirino just can't show any of the nudity or sex scenes, unlike before when she couldn't even mention anything remotely anime-like at all.
No, her father never accepted her hobby in the first place, and he didn't change his opinion about anime either. He never said anything that he did.
After the talk with Kyousuke, he's now of the opinion that only Kyousuke has this anime hobby, which he still regards as gross as before. I'm not even sure her father would make any difference between ordinary anime and R18 stuff, for him both is disgusting.

When Kirino talked on her mobile in the living room, she only could do that freely because her father was not around yet but still at work. Later when her father is home, she goes to her room to call her friends, so her father can't overhear her.

The friends she invited over are her *model* friends, not her otaku friends. They don't know anything about Kirino's anime hobby, which is why one of them is so surprised when she meets Kirino at Comiket.
If Kirino invited her otaku friends to her home, her mother probably wouldn't say anything, but if her father found out that they're talking about anime, all hell would break loose.
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