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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
I just rewatched the episode to clear a few things in this discussion as well, just like Shadow5YA said, and provided in the quotes. That he will let Kirino keep her hobby for anime, but will throw away the Eroge.

"I'm not talking about her friends" quotes from Kirino's father, that means he doesnt really care that Kirino found Otaku friends one bit.
Its very funny... Kirino's father doesnt understand otaku culture...
He permit Kirino to meet Otaku friends, but tried to throw Eroge away!!!
I guess some Otaku friends may love Eroge. If such Otaku friends meet Kirino, Kirino cant help stoping Eroge play
Yes, her father was not wrong. Even he is right... Friends are just friends,not Eroge... But seliously he want to ban Kirino's Eroge, he should ban meeting with Otaku friends. Why? off course Kirino is already interested in Eroge very much.
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