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After a very long period of not caring much for Bleach, I’m relieved to say I’ve finally started to care for it again.

Despite the numerous epic battles in the past arcs, Bleach has been on a downhill trip for a long time in my opinion, the sole reason being the fact that there’s simply been way too much fighting. Not only did the fighting increase, but the quality of each fight started to decrease as it all turned into a power-fest instead of tactical fights.

The fight with Aizen did not live up to the climax I had expected when I first realized Aizen was going to become a major villain. It was a stupid fight of powering up and explosions, my face was all ”meh” through the whole thing.

Now however, the manga has taken a huge turn and gotten interesting again. We’re back to actually seeing the characters from the past evolve (I’d almost forgotten about them) and it’s great to see characters like Ishida playing important roles again. With Ichigo becoming so insanely overpowered and the enemies growing stronger all the time, the other characters like Renji, Sado and Rukia simply became irrelevant, hardly able to defeat Ichigo’s left-overs. Now he finds himself relying on them, which is a great turn of events.

The manga has also gotten me to care about Ichigo, which is something I have been finding difficult to do ever since the Soul Society arc finished. Besides getting major power-ups, his character-growth has been next to zero, there’s been no change in his personality other then getting slightly darker and grimmer, it’s great to see him live a ”normal” life again.

Spoiler for Inoue:

Also, seeing Inoue again made me smile, god damnit did her breasts get bigger? She looks so freaking gorgeous now!
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