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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Now I just HAVE to ask, is there anyone out there in the entire world that actually enjoyed the decide deicide mini-arc?
To me, it was everything fine, until the abrupt end... that ruined it for me.
Srsly... you can't write a manga only based in fights, you need some plot, even a basic and predictable one (Naruto for instance). Were are the answers that Kubo himself wrote.

Besides i got this feeling that Aizen and Urahara really know something more about the King... so, instead of close the plot holes, Kubo ends an arc with even more questions.

Originally Posted by Mangs View Post

The fight with Aizen did not live up to the climax I had expected when I first realized Aizen was going to become a major villain. It was a stupid fight of powering up and explosions, my face was all ”meh” through the whole thing.
I strongly second this.

Originally Posted by Mangs
Also, seeing Inoue again made me smile, god damnit did her breasts get bigger? She looks so freaking gorgeous now!
She was gorgeous from the very beginning!
Seeing her walking by the school leaving amounts of boys reduced to ashes because of her hotness is so awesome...
Improving my english ^^
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