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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
Temari with tactical vest = win
Sasori's and Deidara's comic relief made me laugh

Well, Naruto IS for children...

Welcome to Shounen Action Manga.
I wonder how many time it will take for someone to make a parody of this speech with Leonidas.
Well I do know Naruto is intended for an age group of 10-17 years old and I have no problem with that. What I liked about Naruto is the story plots and individual characters that stand out. These past couple of chapters has been a complete joke to me ever since Naruto landed on the island. Furthermore, I feel the war doesn't necessarily follows the current of the story but was put forth for the purpose of being a replacement. I don't know how to say this but I feel like this war even though was destined from the start lacks certain subtlety. Individual fights that show characters development will be greatly reduced and instead it will be a war fought on numbers. The clones in my opinion take away the human part of the story that is necessary for wars. Revenge has been the core theme of the Naruto series and a war between clones and humans puts a dent on it.
It would have been much more interesting if Madara had manipulated a village or two and the fight had started from there. Then the war in my opinion would have a psychological aspect.
Kabuto's resurrection of dead character seems to me out of place. It was overdone and some characters such as Zabuza or Chiyo for that matter have no place in the story. To me their resurrection kills our good memory of their past and their contribution the whole story of Naruto. More than that Kishi will have trouble depicting so many large battlefields and many important characters that the story will soon lose interest. This is going to be a pain for Kishi and I am waiting to see how he is going to handle this.
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