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Truthfully, unless your tank is Galio/Shen/Rammus, most of the time the support must try to worry about themselves instead of depend on other by positioning. It's really hard to turn back to save our support from assassin, because it will mess up the formation.
At least Janna has several things to save her from getting killed, or Taric is beefy enough to endure the shitstorm. Soraka is just....powerless against assassin. She need a rework on her Starcall. Being a squishy support and need to standing in the middle of team clash makes no sense.
Not sure about Sona. Sometimes when I target her, she just run away, thus making it a 4vs5, or keep on resisting and die, but manage to drag me down with her, and it becomes another 4vs4. After that, it all depends on how well my teammates are.

Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
You're lucky, first time I met LeBlanc she was in cahoots with an experienced Vlad, and they were double-laning me...oh, the nightmare!
From what I heard, she is quite strong early, but become meh in the late-mid/late game. Doesn't that sound a lot like Urgot? I just wonder why she got nerfed so soon.
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