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I guess I'm odd in that I usually choose the burst champs. At the moment or well last time I played I was using Akali and Veigar. Akali is slightly my favorite though since I really like what she can output with an AP build.

One of my favorite times with her was a losing game because as usual for me, bad teammates not using wards or oracles for an enemy twitch so they kept getting killed and I who had oracles spotted the really fed twitch and basically initiated against him during a team fight before he broke stealth and then as soon as he started trying to attack me I crippled him and killed him. Rest of the game he basically just kept going for me which sadly didn't go as well as that time because of how fed he was but it was a fun moment. Wish I could get good teammates but I have really terrible luck which sadly killed my appreciation with the game, I didn't win a single game above level 10 and I'm level 18 I think? Yeah it's sad. Of course I'll admit I'm not amazing but I'm not as dumb as the people who ran off by themselves into a lane with 3 enemy heroes...

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