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^ Gotta separate EU/NA About teams though, it's not always a good thing...I got paired up with a swe couple (I think, prolly married) and the woman threw a tantrum at everything I did (was playing Urgot). For example, enemy Annie and Rammus in my range, I kite Annie, fellow Ryze gets clawed to death, I kill Rammus.
"Why didn't you kill Rammus!"
Me:"Was I supposed to focus fire on the TANK?"
"What, you're a tank too"
.....anyways, long story short she pulled out the god ol'surrender paper as early as possible, although we weren't doing that bad. I vote yes to avoid the PMS crisis, but then the other guy votes no, and then comes the fit, "URGOT VOTE YES DAMMIT!". Lesigh...
In the meanwhile they were talking gibberish to me and our teamwork sucked as bad as possible. Next few games were pretty cool though, total strangers only need silence and pings to make a good team xD

EDIT - IGN: Kafxaeus, EU.

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