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Originally Posted by einhorn303 View Post
That privilege costs money in shipping fees.

(I know it first hand, I've been repeatedly wallet-raped by EMS costs and the bad dollar-to-yen rate this Christmas.)
I actually know first hand (I think I paid like 40 bucks shipping on limited edition tactics ogre for the psp, came to like 200 bucks total, and I don't know one word of Japanese! lol). I personally don't mind the shipping fees if I want it badly, and "My childhood friend is the president" is one of them JUST by the title alone.

No... my main problem is the item actually getting past customs. Stupid Canada and their anti-pedo policy.... they confiscate any item that even looks to be loli/shota (why must russian prez be loli, why?!). I personally haven't tried it, but one of my friends told me about the horrors, losing 150 bucks or so one time. Heck, the store I was talking about say they always worry about stuff getting past customs, but I'd rather them worry about it rather than me risking 80 bucks or so down the drain if I imported it. XD

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