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Im actually having the same problem with 2 different mkv files as well. Ive also tried vlc as well as mpc with no luck. With vlc and mpc, it wont attempt to play with the standard double click, you have to right click and choose the "open with" option. From there vlc give the "failed to open file" error and mpc stays in a opening loop but never completes.

The strange thing is when i did right click the files, all the options you normally see werent available. Cut, copy, rename, delete etc... were all missing as well as the properties option. I got a feeling its something silly ive overlooked, but as of right now im fairly stumped.

I do know for a fact these are good files, and have had trouble with other files of the same format. My trouble started after i reformatted my hard drive and i wonder if that has something to do with it. It almost seems like a software issue unrelated to the players themselves.
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