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Sorry it took so long to get back! MediaInfo worked very well! I recommend for those who have this same issue to use that! It gave basic codecs that worked together. I tried it on my friends computer who had really no codecs. So it worked good there. I think I need to clean my codecs up.

It mentioned for audio to use the FLAC codec from their website. For video it used ffdshow and the player was an updated BSplayer. Though we tried doing it for a few episodes it worked fine. But suddenly for episode 8 and 7 it wouldn't play and froze everything saying their was an error not being able to read the file. We tried running MediaInfo for those particular episodes and it also froze. We didn't try rebooting we will try next time.

I'm not sure what went wrong maybe it was the computer, but Mediainfo worked well. I would just clean out my codecs and start from scratch again. I will also see maybe if there was an issue with BSplayer and try another one.

Thanks for everyone's help you saved the weekend!
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