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Well , just to put a brief note on the keypoints of this episode for those who didn't watch the raw:

1) Menma's father convinced the mother to watch the fireworks along with their son.

2) The gang forced Jintan to confess how he currently feels about Menma at the hideout. He finally says "he likes her" and this causes Anjou to leave the meeting along with Tsuruko.

3) Tsuruko's & Anjou talk about their feelings for the ones they like and how they are both unrequited. Anjou is crying non-stop (because of Jintan's indirect rejection) and clarifies that it's truly Jintan that she likes and not Yukiatsu. So it's still :

Anaru -- > Jintan --> Menma <-- Yukiatsu <-- Tsuruko

4) Yukiatsu has a short freaky moment with his Menma wig. (in short, the scene is saying that he is still 'stuck' with Menma)

5) The firework construction comes to an end and the gang (along with Menma's family) watch it explode in the sky.

6) Menma is still there after the firework display and everyone is now questioning Jintan and her wish.

Lastly, Tsuruko cuts her hair!!! NO!!!!! I personally am not fond of her short hair. ;/ sadface

Well, that was a very "short" input on what happened but when you guys get the chance to watch it, it will be one heck of an emotional roller coaster
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