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As much as I like this anime, I have to say it was hard taking this episode seriously. I was laughing so hard, I almost choked on my dumpling...
It was still fun to watch though. Just... in a different meaning.

The rocket part, Jintan's emotions towards Menma disappearing, Anal crying, and Poppo's feelings were done good.
Kind of surprised it was solved so quickly though @ Menpapa defeating Menmama, but still okay.

But Yukiatsu was terrifically priceless. Be it saying "It is something only Anal can do!", be it talking to a wig, be it jealousy (again and again), be it the last part where he was so damn panicked.
Tsuruko's little thing towards Yukiatsu and her confessing to the audience and pretty much everything surrounding this plot point just felt... odd? Fast? It just didn't work. It didn't help that her haircut fit so poorly, I'd have believed anyone who told me that it was actually Yukiatsu crossdressing again. Also, we have her stalking and attacking him.
And then, the shame that Menma didn't disappear. Though maybe the real goal is to get the other people to be friends with each other, which clearly is not happening yet.

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