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I find funny how many people have been jumping ship from this show the last episode or two and going back to Hanasaku Iroha for their fix. I'll say it now though. Hanasaku has nothing on Ano Hana at the moment. The quality of this show, episode by episode, continues to impress, while Hanasaku has consistently gone up and down in quality. Sure Ano Hana can be a tad melodramatic at times, but the cast here is just so well developed in comparison to the one man show that is Hanasaku.

The episode manages to blend in all the characters desires, worries and problems, showcasing they're wishes and desires before the curtain closes next episode. It's a perfect setup for what I am sure will be as emotional of a conclusion as this episode was.

This episode finally presented a good amount of insight into Poppo's character. He has always been the odd ball in the group, and the one who has felt always left behind. It's why he is always trying to be the show of the party, the class clown in some ways. He expresses a clear frustration about not really being involved and being sidelined in the past, and that frustration comes out this episode as he tries to rectify the past through Yukiatsu's reenactment.

Overall there were some really great moments this episode, from the ending of the episode, to the reenactment scene, but no scene striked me better than the emotion Memma felt when her brother showed up to help with the fireworks. Maybe people see this as all a bit overwrought, but the melodrama manages to hit me spot on this episode quite perfectly.

I speculated this from the beginning, but I still believe that Memma will not disappear until Jintan finally lets go of her. Next episode will be focused on Jintan finally letting go, and it will all come with an apology to her.

Another rather perfect episode for me, 10/10.
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