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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I really like Kanbaru's new look, and Nadeko I think is growing on me more and more. But ...

Hitagi, Tsubasa ... D:

Well, okay, Hitagi with short hair looks nice I guess (despite me loving her with the longer hair :'( ) but Tsubasa ... well, the shorter hair helps give even more focus on her rack, which looks bigger than ever now ಠ_ಠ

Aside from the new designs, I'm just looking forward to more Monogatari. I loved the first series, and there isn't any reason why I wouldn't come back for more.

I just hope stuopidget doesn't kill himself. Don't worry man, we're going to have that Zaregoto anime ... someday.
WWWWWWWW, it's ok I got enough problem sets to kill myself over, don't have spare lives or time to kill myself over this ... yet.

SHAFT SHOULD ALSO BRING BACK RYO, WHO SHOULD ALSO BRING NAGI BACK FOR ANOTHER ED PLEASEEEE ;__;. Koeda's loli and all but I miss Nagi =(. Freaking event was right smack in the middle of my immunology class. Must've been fun tuning in with 350k (yes that many) people and spamming the hell out of the broadcast when Nise was announced.

Totally wktk-ing^infinity all through this year. Tsundoro is looking pretty awesome so far. Eri Kitamura was a guest at the event, guess she will be back for Karen (MORE HHHNNNNGGGGG). Obviously everyone wants to know who the rori-onee-san-milf chara would be, but guess SHAFT hasn't decided yet still...

Also cover announcement, they really do try to amp this promotion as much as they can huh.

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