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Originally Posted by Noriko View Post
Ah, no no! Not in the same class but the same year ! all the students have their trip in their second year, Rei and Sachiko being both second year of the same year, they went on the same trip, just like Shimako is on the same trip with Yumi & Yoshino while she's not in the same class anymore (she was in the same class as yumi during the first year only). Tsutako, while being very wise, is still as young as yumi, that's why we see her in the same trip, and she's till in the same class as yumi this year.

EDIT : I didn't catch what you said well at first, so my reply above may be out-of point^^;
Yumi had a comrade i think it was a classmate, and her nae wasn't given i think. That classmate had her onee-sama in the same class as Sachiko the previous year. Yumi asked her classmate to ask for her onee-sama to buy a photo where Sachiko could be posted for Yumi.

If I remember well, this as said by Tsutako when she tempted Yumi with getting the pic of herself and Sachiko tying her scarf, in exchange for asking the permission of exhibiting the photo from Sachiko-sama...... she said something like : "I know you're secretly a fan of Sachiko-sama.... don't you want this photo? you only have one with a tiny Sachiko-sama on it, taken during her school trip that you got from somebody's onee-sama who is in the same class as Rosa Chinensis en Bouton, right?" - Yumi ->> O_o; "how do you know that?!"

When Sachiko said Sei made the joke on her, she said it was when she herself went to Italy, and Rei and herself couldn't find the roma-manju and brought back something else as a souvenir...
I went ahead to ziggr and read the novel translation.. Actually, it went something like this:

Tsutako to Yumi:
"I know. You secretly adore Ogasawara Sachiko-sama. But the fact remains that you don't have a photo of the two of you, or a bust shot. The board outside the teachers' room was filled with great photos from the school trip, but since you're from a different grade, you thought it was too mortifying to ask for one, right? You're not in any club activities, so you didn't have a second-year senpai to ask and buy for you. You barely have one shot, from the sports festival. A photo that accidentally includes Sachiko-sama from behind, while she was waiting for her turn in the relay race. It's such a meager photo, small like a grain of rice, or no, a pea."

"How rude! It's bigger than that! More like a pencil. Anyway, it's precious to me."

Tsutako-san started to act like a private detective. "This pencil, I wonder if you can still be satisfied with it after today."

Her glasses flashed in the light.

"You're evil."

After being shown good photos like this, could she really live without them from here on out?
So, it's actually, she got a pic of Sachiko from a far in the sports festival, she only wished she had a pic of her in the school trip
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