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Originally Posted by SimplyEd
You think THAT was distracting?!? Then you should better stay clear of shows like Ikkitousen or Agent Aika or Mouse or a whole lot of other anime whose only purpose is to feed its audience fanservice without any regard for the consequences and the damage it may cause^^
That's why I don't watch any anime like that- The animes I love generally have great action scenes, sometimes a thought provoking plot, and little to no ecchiness. Ex. Naruto, Gilgamesh, Avenger, Scrapped Princess.

I want to like this anime, but I have a hard time respecting it because the makers obviously don't respect their audience. It's like Magus IX said- tasteful fanservice can be ok.

Somebody implied that those who complain about fanservice notice it more. Well, yes, I'm not desensitized to it and I am a very horny male (yup). But just because my hormones may say, "Oooohhhh, booobies," doesn't mean that I as an individual actually want to see that
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