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Originally Posted by wsheit
That's why I don't watch any anime like that- The animes I love generally have great action scenes, sometimes a thought provoking plot, and little to no ecchiness. Ex. Naruto, Gilgamesh, Avenger, Scrapped Princess.

I want to like this anime, but I have a hard time respecting it because the makers obviously don't respect their audience. It's like Magus IX said- tasteful fanservice can be ok.

Somebody implied that those who complain about fanservice notice it more. Well, yes, I'm not desensitized to it and I am a very horny male (yup). But just because my hormones may say, "Oooohhhh, booobies," doesn't mean that I as an individual actually want to see that
The makers don't respect their audience? In what way? I didn't feel offended for sure and i really had a hard time to watch out for the so called overload of "fanservice". Unless i really want to, i usually don't pay much attention to ecchiness at all, most of the time i'd rather think about it as a pleasant bonus as long as it isn't overdosed...which this show certainly doesn't suffer from.

Is it, by chance, possible that many of you folks try to make more of it, as it really is? I mean, nobody around here has actually seen the entire show, so how can there be statements that it is mainly centered around "fanservice"?

The first episode centered mainly around action, comedy and a nice cast of 4 women and a guy...maybe this is the problem here....harem obsession^^

I fail to see most of that horny stuff anyway, i mean come on, there's a cast of female characters all of them with different personalities so everybody can relate to them and yes, they have *boobies* and *nipples* equipped.........let's not make all these natural facts another sorry *nipplegate*'s already a screwed discussion at best.

The problem with a female cast is, that there will eventually be *fanservice* at some point and as long as you're not watching a hentai, all of it will be rather harmless, nobody will get hurt, trust me on that part. If you still don't want to see it, then just skip everything i just wrote down and go watch something different, because it is your right to do so.
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